Friday, May 26, 2017

Chuck Morse to speak at local synagogue on Shavuot.

Boston radio host and author Chuck Morse to speak at local synagogue on Shavuot. 

President Donald Trump and the Jews

Chuck Morse:

Chuck Morse CREDS
Hosts Chuck Morse Speaks at WMFO.91.5 AM - Tufts and WBCA 102 FM - Boston. 
Author of several books including:

(Monday, May 22) Author and Radio Host at WMFO - Tufts and WBCA102.9 FM - Boston Chuck Morse is scheduled to speak on the relevance of the Donald Trump Presidency to Judaism and, by extension, to Christianity and America. The Shavuot presentation is to be held at Boston's Congregation Kadimah Toras Moshe and will include a plea to the Jewish people to wake up and realize the true meaning of their own faith in relation to America and Israel and how that faith is enhanced by the Trump movement.

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