Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Response to Tufts Observer article

When they call you racist and Islamophobic
By Chuck Morse

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Boxer Mike Tyson said that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.
I figured I’d be attacked as the host of a conservative radio talk show at WMFO-Tufts University, one of America’s most liberal colleges. Yet when the article Morse Code came out this week in the Tufts Observer I was still shocked. I felt like I was back in a second-grade schoolyard being mugged by bullies.

I don’t blame the author Greta Jochem, a well-meaning Tufts University student
journalist, nor do I blame Tufts University student Kayden Mimmack, who condemns me in the article for engaging in blindingly obvious hateful, racist, and bigoted content. These students are not conscious of the type of hateful personal defamation that they engage in. They are well meaning but ignorant products of a political culture
dominated by social Marxists who suppress opposition to the leftist viewpoint or agenda. Their ears are not used to hearing opposing opinion. I assume my days are numbered at WMFO, a station with a long-stated tradition of free speech and freeform radio.

They have no idea what racism is. They are unaware of the fact, not that it matters, that I happen to be a person of color. They are not cognizant of exactly how ugly and
hateful these charges are. They live at a time where their elite college and their social circles threaten anyone who expresses an opinion that might not conform to the left. Their parents might be spending upwards of 50K a year for them to attend Tufts. Why should they stick their necks out and jeopardize their future? Indeed, they have probably purged dissenting thoughts from their minds long ago if they ever had any. I don’t blame them as they have a lot to lose and little to gain. Sadly, they have embraced the soul-crushing leftism that views the world as starkly divided between a blindingly correct absolutism and any dissent which they accept as evil.

They have been taught to believe that I am evil for questioning the ethics of Jihad and Sharia which was the main topic of my show the day after a Jihadist committed mass murder in London. Complaints were filed against me for this show which is no doubt the first step in my denouncement and purge. On WMFO, I spoke of the uptick in such practices as honor killings in the United States. I spoke out of concern as a feminist and I wondered why other feminists were not joining me in condemning these and other misogynist atrocities. I spoke, perhaps too graphically for delicate and privileged sensibilities, about some of the more practical results of recent Jihadist actions.

I spoke about the genocidal campaign against the west and specifically against the State of Israel. Perhaps, ironically for me, the Tufts student government, on the eve of Passover when Jewish students were busy preparing for the holiday, voted in secret for the college to boycott Israel. The vote coincided with sarin gas attacks against Syrians by Assad and the wholesale slaughter of indigenous Coptic Christians while praying in a church in Egypt on Palm Sunday. I don’t believe that this act of Jew hatred represents the values of most Tufts students or the Tufts Administration as otherwise the vote would have been taken out in the open after a debate.

While I can personally handle the ugly assault against my character, as this is part of what I know I should expect for speaking publicly against ideas that don’t properly genuflect to the left, I am nevertheless concerned about what this reveals about college culture specifically and our society in general. Indeed, I see this attack against me as part of the frenzied war that has been launched by the left against President Donald Trump. While they may be able to silence me, I remain confident and optimistic that truths will ultimately prevail.