Saturday, April 2, 2016

Is Trump Racist?

The ugly and defamatory charge against Donald Trump is an article of faith for most Democrats and many liberal Republicans. But is Trump actually racist? Does Trump have something against people because of their race, religion or ethnic origins? The obvious answer is that he does not. There is no evidence that Trump has ever discriminated against anyone based on their race or otherwise in his long career in business. There is no evidence that Trump harbors racist views. Indeed, this scurrilous charge can be and is used as a main weapon by the left against anyone who does not sufficiently genuflect to their point of view or who in any way threatens their authoritarian movement.

Whether or not we support Trump for President we should thank him for knocking that weapon out of the hands of the leftist tyrants. We are now emboldened when confronted with these ugly charges which threaten our reputations and our livelihoods. Indeed Trump has gotten ahead in business because he admires people of success and accomplishment and because he is a good judge of character. There is no evidence that Trump is concerned over a persons race, gender, ethnicity or faith but, rather, Trump wants to know if they are good at what they do so that they can help him be better at what he does.

The same nasty smear would be lodged by the left against any Republican or against any conservative who threatens the leftist  agenda. Of course the left did not openly make this same charge against Republican Presidential candidates Ben Carson, Herman Cain or former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes, all of whom happen to be black. Instead they quietly undermined those candidates by subtly reinforcing racist stereotypes and by engaging in libelous and racist whisper campaigns. Likewise was the case with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Jack E. Robinson who ran for the US Senate in Massachusetts against Ted Kennedy, and any other black politician or leader who dared stray off the left-wing plantation.

We should note that these three presidential candidates drew the majority of their support from the same people, conservative Republicans, religious people, who the left routinely slanders as racist. Indeed, the left now claims that Donald Trump supporters are secret racists which is a clear demonstration of their utter contempt and hatred for independent minded working Americans.

If there is one positive thing to emerge from the candidacy of Donald Trump for President it is that we, the American people, need to stand up, like he does, and tell the left, who are themselves often steeped in racial identity theories and who often view minorities as inferior, as like children who need their authoritarian ministrations, that we reject collectivist racism and that, as such, we are not racist. We as conservatives need to point out that indeed we reject economic policies that tend to hit the black community particularly hard such as perpetual welfare and an attack on brave police officers. We should note that we reject the left-wing moral relativism that has hurt all Americans, particularly minorities, in their attempt to undermine the God believing intact family.

If Trump has accomplished anything with is quixotic and deeply flawed campaign for president it is that he has struck a blow against political correct totalitarianism. And I.  for one, thank him for this tremendous contribution to freedom.

Chuck Morse is an authorpodcasterinsurance agent,Uber Driver, and YouTube host. Chuck can be reached for commentary at (617) 271-5044 or at